Mock Email To Mass Legislation

February 01, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments


My name is (Enter Name, Address if you'd like). I am a concerned avid recreational surfcaster. I am writing because I think your proposed expansion from two or four commercial days is extremely misguided. I think more research needs to be done to understand the reasoning for the quota not being met this past year. This concept has nothing to do with commercial fishermen access or the amount of days they are or are not allowed to keep striped bass. Rather, it has everything to do with current overfishing and the decline of the striped bass fishery. Expanding their time on the water will only make these conditions worse. 

The most progressive concept you have all passed thus far was banning commercial days in the Cape Cod Canal. As passionate anglers, we were thankful to see legislation listening to the recreational communities pleas. We are on the banks of the water everyday, whether it be from shore, from boat, or on the rocks. We witness first hand the detrimental effects overfishing has had on striped bass populations. The canal has not been the same since 2017! Its no surprise that this is due to unrestricted access by commercial fishermen! I have been witness to the slaughter way too many times and there are hundreds of us that can say the same. 

The striped bass fishery is in decline and legislative measures need to be taken immediately to prevent the moratorium we saw in the 1970's into the 1980's. We are heading in that direction! Take it from the guys who respect and have targeted this species for years. We are aware that fisherman need to make a living, but at what cost to our ecosystem? Capitalism and conservation need to go hand in hand. Think about all of the tourism striped bass fisherman brings to the Cape. That will vanish. Many captains will be out of jobs if we reach a point of a moratorium. Massachusetts is not the only state that has not met quota and it does not take rocket science or a mathematician to understand why. Listen to the guys who have fished through this time period and have done everything from their stand point to fix the current problem. Recreational efforts will have gone to waste if we cannot find a balance with the commercial community. Don't cave to commercial interest. Protect our fishery for the future so our kids can enjoy this past time sport and the fish we love to catch. 

Thank you, 

(Your name ) 



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